UEFI-only install

i am new to netrunner.
I installed it today on my Desktop machine and i am thinking about installing it on my ThinkPad E135 too.
I am pretty impressed by the polished KDE Desktop.
My ThinkPad currently runs on Ubuntu 14.04 and needs to be installed as pure UEFI because in legacy mode only 2 of 4 gigs of ram are recognized.

I dd’d the 64bit .iso on a usb key and the installation worked on my desktop, but there seems no way to UEFI boot netrunner…

Normally it should create an boot entry.
Do you have secure boot disabled? (Check in uefi please. I advice it to be disabled)
Also make sure to have the latest UEFI version installed for your laptop as the older 1.X series seems to cause many different problems (Maybe a UEFI Update also fixes the BIOS compatibility mode)

Secure Boot is disabled. When I installed Ubuntu 14.04 there were two entrys in the boot menu.

Kingston USB…
UEFI Kingston USB…

I dont have it with Netrunner.