Unable to boot after deleting kernel [Solved]

After trying to download kernel sources for my kernel, I was notified that my boot partition(250MB) was full. To my surprise, like in Ubuntu, old kernel images are not deleted. I fired up Synaptic PM and deleted all kernels except for my current one, or so I thought.

After a reboot, my machine refuses to boot and I get a kernel panic type of message. Trying to boot into recovery mode is not possible either. Apparently I deleted more than just old kernels.

At this stage what can I do to repair my system ?

All my documents are on their own separate home partition so reinstalling wouldn’t be a problem on that aspect, however I have plenty of libraries and development packages installed and configured and I’d rather not lose those.



Tip: You can always try google “ubuntu+problem” and mostly the answer works in Netrunner, too :slight_smile:

Thank you !!
All is good now.:smiley: