Unique Panel and Window Deco

Here is some unique panel look and window deco:

I would love something really different look for Netrunner 15 based on Plasma5, and possibly not something like the Google “Chrome” look, where almost all others like elementary, Budgie or Maui tend to go.

For the panel and window decoration it’s not a problem to achieve similar look. I’ll take a break with icons theme and work on a concept for window deco/desktop theme.

Just make sure you use a plasma5 ISO test system from now on.

Sure :slight_smile:

Here is a preview for window decoration:
I have to test it on plasma5 first and then I’ll upload it somewhere so you can try it out.

Original theme has an inner border,which for some reason I can’t create. For example, Windows Seven window decoration has inner border, but when I try to make it thinner, outer and inner lines “merge” removing light grey background and leaving only dark grey border. So I ditched inner border for now.

Looks good, now lets see the matching plasma 5 theme :slight_smile:

Another comment about the clock panel appearance:

Any way to make the clock somehow perfectly aligned in the vertical middle and small looking (with the color around)?

Should be a small prio in 5.1 VDG?

Digital clock is hard coded and after searching for solution I stumbled on this Adjustable clock:
Github: https://github.com/Emdek/plasmoid-adjustable-clock

Works fine, it’s possible to change the style, or create a completely new one with css/html. And we can make the color go around.

For the default digital clock, I’m not sure, but changing font also changes the vertical alignment, one reason is the font line spacing and second is if user wants to show full time and date it goes into two rows and then it looks aligned.

Does this work under plssma5 or need porting?

Adjustable clock doesn’t work on plasma5. I managed to install it after some system updates, but it doesn’t show in the widgets list. Also, window decoration can’t be tested because there is no Aurorae engine installed. I’ll look into this more, but if you have any ideas, let me know.

deck: please test your themeing with latest kubuntu5 ISO:

It should have aurorae engine installed, but you need to make folders and put theme in it:

Here is a window decoration - https://db.tt/o2mgNsAu

So this is my desktop with the suggested window decoration and icon theme as well as the Leichtinn Plasma Theme and Oxygen widget theme.

I got the clock centered at top and except for the window control icons not working you can see them in the top right (should make new icons for that that is similar to the windeco controls also perhaps a translucent thing for resizing/snap of windows)