Unnable to install Netrunner 19.01 [SOLVED]

Hello everybody.

I can’t install Netrunner 19.01.

The installer launch, the partitions are formatted, but about 25% progress the installer shows an error message.

It’s a problem because, since my hard drive is already formatted, I’m without a OS in my PC, and right now I don’t have a bootable flash drive with other system to install.

Any ideas?

My computer is AMD Phenom II X4 955, 10GB RAM.

This is a weird issue.
The command systemd-machine-id-setup is used to create a unique identifier for your machine in /etc/machine-id

Can you try maybe running this command on the live system to see if it errors out for you?

Thank you for the answer.

systemd-machine-id-setup does not return any error message. The /etc/machine-id file have a single text line.

Can you retry the installation then.
Btw. how much free space have you given Netrunner?

It’s working now!

The problem was the previous system in my PC, which was broken and created a corrupted Netrunner flash drive. I created a new bootable flash drive on a friend’s computer, and now everything works fine.

Thank you for your help.