Unnecessary package upgrades?

Looking to trim down size & download times of upgrades.
By removing unnecessary packages.

Like these 2 do we really need them?

libreoffice-still-sdk 4.2.8-2

Package Size: 1.9 MB
Installed Size: 15.5 MB
libreoffice-still-sdk-doc 4.2.8-2
Package Size: 19.9 MB
Installed Size: 345.7 MB

These 2 alone make up over 20mb of downloads. And installed eat up 360mb of root Are they really needed?
What others may really be unnecessary and just add to package count,size and download time?
Also eating up precious hardrive space on /.

Not a big issue but some of use are on a lower speed wifi and 20mb here and 40mb there can really shave off the download time and delays. As well as running out of hardrive space on root. Down to 1.6gb and have to manually delete var/cache/pacman to make more free space available. As stuck at 10.2gb / and 10.9gb home and would be a lot of work to finagle everything around.


Not unless you need a MS Office compatible suite, you could probably get by with just kate.

I would say that If you don’t use it, and/or as long as it is not a dependency of the KDE SC 4 software stack itself, then go for it.

Well thanks but don’t know about need a MS Office suite?
As appears this is only for devs?

Software Development Kit for LibreOffice maintenance branch.
Software Development Kit documentation for LibreOffice maintenance branch

And why would LiberOffice require it just for desktop use?
As they don’t give any info if these packages are required? for LibreOffice to work?
Or just extra fluff & cruft for dev’s?


That’s a good question?

You can Uninstall libreoffice-still-sdk as long as you tell it not to remove Java as well (untick the boxes in the pop-up).
I don’t seem to have libreoffice-still-sdk-doc installed.


[quote=“AJSlye, post:4, topic:2862”]

I don’t seem to have libreoffice-still-sdk-doc installed. [/quote]

Strange as was just a regular part of the update. And haven’t installed anything to do with LibreOffice on my own like different versions or whatnot.

Have you done a re-install since Netrunner Rolling 2014.04 or is this the same installation, I ask because that was before the Manjaro team made the still and fresh version, It may have been the Manjaro-System script package that did this when it made the changeover to still.

Nope the last iso was 2014.09 install. And might not have full understanding. But would think the whole point of rolling upgrades would mean at any given update time that systems would be identical no matter what iso is used. As otherwise would be opening a possible can of worms? And needing to install newer iso every 6 months brings Netrunner back to just like the Ubuntu flavors with clean installs every 6 months?

Trying to understand the differences and why any two systems would be different after an update for same default packages and applications. Irrelevant of ISO used.


Because there was only one version of Libre Office in the repositories, but some users complained about the latest version, so the Arch Linux team decided to have both in the repositories, hence the still and fresh packages. If You take a look at the Arch Linux home page there is a list of things that the end user needed to deal with manually, the manjaro-system scripts package performs these operations so that we don’t have to worry about them.


Thanks again for the great info and explanations.