unwanted update Crossover Linux 12. to 13.

my Mom likes it too.
So I changed her Ubuntu to Netrunner. Works great and quicker. But there is an unwanted update of her Crossover Linux 12. to 13.1.2
She has a licence for Version 12 only.
Netrunner update changed her payed Version now into a Testversion 13 for 14 days.
Thats bad. Why?
How to stop Netrunner doing this?
Where is the app to tell exclusions from update?

Thank You

How did you update?

CX Office is in the AUR, but that shouldn’t have been updated without telling yaourt or Octopi to install it specifically.

yestreday after installation everything worked fine. She did her work with powerpoint. This morning, she told me, Octopi went red and she made an update via Octopi.
After that her Crossover went into 13.1 Test mode.
Thats all.

We never had this with Ubuntu

I didn’t realize octopi updated AUR packages like that, I know pamac has a setting to enable/disable the AUR check for updates.

during installation I did not found a Crossover Version 12 . So I installed it by hand. I think Octopi than look for a newer Version than Crossover 12 and found in yaourt the Version 13.1.
I Think in Octopi should be the possibilty to blacklist the apps You want.
The other way is to keep older Version in Yaourt and Octopi should give us the choice to choose the Version we want.

If people payd for software all possible versions should be avaiable via Octopi.

may be You could fix this the next 10 days. Before the Testing days of Version 13.1. are over

Thank You

You might have the older package in your cache: /var/cache/pacman/pkg

You can install it with “pacman -U [package]”

In /etc/pacman.conf there’s a line that says “IgnorePkg” - add your package there. I don’t really know if Octopi takes that into consideration, but Pamac (which is standard on not-KDE-or-Openbox Manjaro) sure does - Pamac can also be set to update only repo or repo+AUR.

You can find Pamac in the repos - it’s currently smoother, simpler, and more advanced than Octopi, as Octopi is only a frontend for pacman, while Pamac is a full package manager that bypasses pacman, using its backend library (libalpm).

Hello, Do You have a solution for Octopi too?
Octopi works better for my Mom. She loves the ghosts
Anyway an app to update should have an exclude list.
Think of the ex Win-XP people. They dont like behavior like this.

Thnak You

Octopi is just front end for pacman and yaourt, adding an app to that line in pacman.conf should keep it from upgrading, etc.

The solution would be to add that package to IgnorePkg in pacman.conf (you need to edit it as root) and hope that Octopi takes it into consideration (it really should, but my only contact with Octopi has been translation, so I don’t know for sure).

Octopi is developed here, maybe you can add ignoring package as a suggestion: