Up date

i have netrunner 13.06 and :huh: i would like to update KDE Dolphin from ver 2.2 to 4.13 . :-/ Can somebody help me.

By the way i’m totally new in linux world :blush:

Just be patient! Netrunner 14.06 will be released soon and since it is based on Kubuntu it should include the latest KDE as well as linux kernel.

Actually, I hate format the old version to install the new one (with all my favorite programs again) ,without having a really big problem forcing me to do it

Is this what you are looking for? It is a Dolphin update download. Scroll to bottom of the page for download.


I’m sorry for bothering you , but didn’t work

Did you agree to install the dependencies? I downloaded and ran gdebi to install, I received notification that 1 additional package (Dependencies) needed to be installed which i allowed. The install worked and now i have Dolphin 4.13.0 installed.

I did run the gdebi to install ,but The message I had it " Cannot satisfy dependencies.
An older version is available in a software channel. It is recommended to install the version from the software channel, since it usually has more support. "

This new dolphin version needs of course the new kdelibs version aswell as all the other kdebase-apps.
So technical it isn’t possible only to install this new dolphin version.

"I’m totally new in linux world "

I don’t know anything about kdelibs and how to install it.:huh:

Also, :blush: can I have the appropriate download link.

Currently there is no easy way for you to install it.
There is the kubuntu backports ppa which can be activated (it ships by default deactivated in Netrunner) which allows an easy upgrade.
Last time users reported they had problems upgrading with the kubuntu backports ppa (one of the reasons we did not activate it by default as we anticipated such an event).

So if you really want the new version you might on your own risk try activating the kubuntu backports ppa (use the software sources tool to do so) and perform a normal system upgrade with muon or synaptic.

I need more experience to start trying a risk like that. I barely used linux for 2 months.

Thank you both for your help.
& Nice to talk to you