[Update] 2014-09-06

Manjaro 0.8.10 Update pack 9 has been released

This updates includes Firefox 32, Thunderbird 31.1 Systemd v216 as well as other security and bug fix updates.
To update just open Octopi and click on system upgrade or optionally you can open a terminal and type: sudo pacman -Syyu

Note: is you have steam-native installed you may need to remove lib32-networkmanager first.

Here is the official forum release announcement:

When I did the update through Octopi, when downloading the packages, for each and every package there was an error message. Something about ‘packageName’ download failed because someUser server reset or something. Did not copy any of the messages but it was the same one for all packages. However, the update still worked no problem and running a sync afterwards shows everything is up to date. Thanks!..

Your welcome, On a new install sometimes it helps to update and reorginize your mirror-list by running: sudo pacman-mirrors -g