[Update] 2014-12-25

Manjaro 0.8.11 Update pack 3 now online:

You can update as usual with octopi or from the command line:

sudo pacman -Syu

You may need to run the pacman command twice in the terminal, octopi will automatically catch this and ask for your password again. During the update using Octopi you may be asked for a ca-certificate security pass-code, you can enter anything you wish here to continue.

It is recommended that users upgrade to the linux318 series of the kernel, as the default 314 series will not load the CPU microcode updates anymore.

You can install the 3.18 series by using Manjaro Settings Manager > Kernels or with following command:

sudo mhwd-kernel -i linux318

If you wish to install the 3.18 and remove the 3.14 in one step then use this command instead:

sudo mhwd-kernel -i linux318 rmc

NOTE: if you installed your system using the Netrunner Rolling 2014.04 ISO and are still using the 3.10 kernel then you are not effected by this change.

For more information please read the Official Manjaro Announcement here:

Or the Official Announcement forum thread here:

You only confused the poo out of me why a bunch of updates suddenly appeared :stuck_out_tongue:
Much appreciated for the forum announce. Now my question is what if we entered a different password for the ca-certificate security passcode because we had not seen this post? Is there a way to redo that?


That shouldn’t be an issue, but just in case you may want to right down what you used, you may need it at a later date.

I was surprised that this was even asked during the update. I have asked phil in the Manjaro forum thread about this and If I get any other information from him or another team member I’ll defiantly post it here.

I used my user password, so I doubt I’ll forget it. At least there’s no harm done, though. Thanks!

I updated via terminal and I didn’t get the passcode request ?


That’s cool, thanks for reporting, I’ll edit the main post to reflect that…

Did an update from the laptop to my desktop through ssh and an update of my laptop with pamac; no certificate security passcode question. Maybe they’ve changed something, I remember it happened in an other update earlier in december.

Yes I know, this is only happening with Octopi and not from the command line or with Pamac, I think octopi just hasn’t been programmed to deal with this one. I will file a report to Aarnt about this issue tomorrow after Christmas, I’m kind of busy today putting together my sons gifts, etc…

I just edited my original post with additional Information, please reread the announcement above.