[Update] 2015-04-21

Manjaro 0.8.12 update-pack 7 now online:

Included in this update-pack:
[list]Calligra 2.9.2
Frameworks 5.9
GTK 3.16
Libreoffice 4.4.2
Linux kernel 4.0
Octopi 0.7rc2[/list]
and much more.

Current supported kernels:
[list]Linux310 3.10.74
Linux312 3.12.40
Linux314 3.14.38
Linux318 3.18.11
Linux319 3.19.4
Linux40 4.0.0[/list]

This update-pack also includes all regular Archlinux upstream fixes as of April 19, 2015.

You can perform this update as usual using octopi or from the command line:

sudo pacman -Syyu

Note: A reboot is required if your running kernel received an update. Because of some major changes, you may need to use Konsole or yakuake to perform the reboot with the following command:reboot

Official Manjaro announcement: https://manjaro.github.io/Update-2015-04-21_(stable)
Official Manjaro forum feedback thread and poll: https://forum.manjaro.org/index.php?topic=22223.0

I’ve got an “error: failed to commit transaction (conflicting files)” with a lot of files for the qt5-base package.
A pacman -Qo on one of the file results in “pacman -Qo /usr/share/doc/qt/global/template/scripts/extras.js
error: No package owns /usr/share/doc/qt/global/template/scripts/extras.js”.

What would be the correct action here?

Went smoothly for me. Tho scratching my head why it downloaded Firefox 37.0.1 again when I already had that version installed and running.

@ Orbmiser
Was it Firefox or Firefox-KDE you already had installed and was it from the blueshell repository?


If this was on a new or recent installation, then you’ll need to follow this guide for your first update:

It’s from last November, and I never had a problem before this update.

Sounds like a mirror issue first chect to see if your closest mirrors are synced here:

Then do the following:

pacman-mirrors -g -c all yaourt -Syyuua

You can also replace “all” with the closest region (country/'s) if you don’t want to have them all your mirror list.

Force re-installing the package made the trick. A file probably got corrupted somewhere.
Thanks for the help anyway!

[quote=“AJSlye, post:4, topic:3139”]
@ Orbmiser
Was it Firefox or Firefox-KDE you already had installed and was it from the blueshell repository? [/quote]

Octopi is showing firefox-kde installed and don’t know where since I hadn’t commented out the blueshell yet. So would assume it’s from Blueshell?


[quote=“Orbmiser, post:8, topic:3139”]

Nope, firefox-kde and it’s language packs were removed from the blueshell repository right after the Manjaro developers began to maintain it.

Here is the blueshell repository for reference: http://arch.netrunner-os.com/
OK, I found the {non}issue, it was a bug fix release:
37.0.1-1 (Build Date Sat - 04/04/2015 15:27:08)
37.0.1-2 (Build Date Thu - 09/04/2015 22:38:29)


Ahhh I might have not notice the -1 vs the -2 which probably was the case.

Hint: The language packs are still at version 37.0.1-1. :wink: