[Update] 2015-11-23

Manjaro 15.09 update-pack 7:

Included in this update:
Plasma 5.4.3
KDE Frameworks 5.16.0
KDE Applications 15.08.3
Octopi 0.8 (Final)
Mesa 11.0.6

Current supported kernels:
Linux310 3.10.93
Linux312 3.12.50
Linux314 3.14.57
Linux318 3.18.24
Linux41 4.1.13
Linux42 4.2.6
Linux43 4.3.0

This update also includes the usual Archlinux upstream fixes as of Fri Nov. 20, 2015.

You can use Muon Update, Octopi, or the CLI (command line) to perform this update:

sudo pacman -Syu

Official Manjaro announcement: https://manjaro.github.io/Update-2015-11-23_(stable)/
Official Manjaro forum thread: https://forum.manjaro.org/index.php?topic=28543.0

Only couple of ongoing issues is the recurring overwriting /usr/share/kde4/services/kded/device_automounter.desktop

Have to always change the 1 to 0.

X-KDE-Kded-phase=1 to X-KDE-Kded-phase=0

Otherwise the external usb drives will not automount in dolphin. Which still requires opening up Firefox or Gtk app before running Dolphin? to get the automounter to engage and mount the drives.

Wish they wouldn’t do that as gets annoying overwriting my configs. They did it to my SDDM logon screen to the new snazzy flash one. Even tho SDDM showing the old one which I prefer.

New one isn’t even listed there.

How do I get the old one back?
The update also wiped out my User avatar and had to go back and reassign an image to user account.

Yes, with each release of Plasma 5 they change the default wallpaper, this seems to include the one in SDDM as well.
Since none of the Netrunner specific packages were included in this update besides kinfocenter, The wallpaper / user icon issue has to be an upstream package that is changing these settings. I’ll take a closer look to see if I can figure out which upstream package this could be.

Out of curiosity, how did you update you system, Muon, Octopi or CLI?

Note: The device auto-mounter KCM is supposed to return in the Plasma 5.5 release.

Octopi but because one or two packages are Aur updates then the whole update goes to the terminal session.
Good ole Aur package updates kind of defeat the choices to go Muon or Octopi it seems.

Just kind of strange that the SDDM Breeze is showing one background and using another.
Had to do google searching just to fine out where Sddm wallpapers are.
Could they make it even more convoluted and confusing to find one wallpaper?

I mean /usr/share/plasma/look-and-feel/org.kde.breeze.desktop/contents/loginmanager/ really?

So changed the background back. But guess what happened. Now it is stacked on top of the new one. So much more complexity here than just changing the background image. Changing Splash screen shows old one but the new one gets loaded.

Why couldn’t they just add it as a Breeze 2 kind of thing. Instead of half-baked replace the one breeze attempt?

Actually the one used by SDDM itself is under /usr/share/sddm/themes/breeze/components/artwork/.
I do agree that the constant changing of this one particular wallpaper is getting a bit annoying. I wish they would settle this down a bit and maybe only change it on full releases (5.4.0, 5.5.0, 5.6.0, etc.) not every darn point release. Also, why do they not change the preview picture when they change the default wallpaper for SDDM as well, this too makes no sense. It is what it is I suppose.

Now I’m Officially confused as KDE forums stated the one I gave.
Also seems when I log out and log back in my Conky is going Conky.

I don’t use conky, but that does seem odd. It almost looks like it’s loading twice but slightly off the second time.

Yep if I log back out or restart then one disappears then the other.
2 instances running. Like the 1st one doesn’t get shutdown when logging out.
Will have to test with a 10-20 second wait before logging back in. To see if it’s a delay issue?

Well it’s official waited for over a minute then logged back in and double my Conky pleasure.
Don’t know why I’m having that bug creepy feeling. Seems a few get fixed replaced with new bugs and issues after every update.

I know it gotta be upstream which makes it even a bit more annoying.

Well, I just did a quick google search, and conky seems to have a reoccurring issue of not terminating, for like YEARS now.


How are you loading conky?

You should be able to just go into System Settings > Startup and Shutdown > Autostart and click on Add Program. The subsequent steps are reasonably obvious. Add Script might work as well, but there are no guaranties that this would work properly, it would depend heavily on how well written your script is.

No script just run as command. Thing is never an issue till now.
Been running fine last 2 years.

New install with aktuell iso:
reboot, install grub mbr (was not to change???) failed. But there is Grub by kanotix in mbr. Also in kanotix update-grub, all ok, Netrunner boots at first slowly, but ok.
Then, after install of 277 upgrade packs via sudo pacman -Syu, nothing else goes, then reboot. :-/
… Wating 10 sec for sde2
… #
nothing goes, no keyboard to type :huh:
whats to do?


I’m not sure that I’m following. You had an issue installing grub2 to the MBR using the netrunner installation media (Calamares), so you used kanotix to update-grub since that was still left on the MBR, then after updating Netrunner using the latest update-pack your system fails to boot, or is it just Netrunner that won’t load from grub again?

Seem to me as your having an issue with the way in which knopix installed grub2 in the first place.
You may need to use kanotix to update-grub again.

i have use kanotix to upgrade-grub after install, all ok - Netrunner Rolling is in grub. Later i dist-upgrade Netrunner. After this update all ok, but after reboot nothing goes! :huh:

There is no dist-upgrade in rolling? Do you mean that you ran pacman -Syu, and that had a kernel upgrade in it that triggered mkinitcpio and update-grub? Also what do you mean by “after reboot nothing goes!”?

after install of 277 upgrade packs via sudo pacman -Syu, nothing else goes, after reboot.
netrunner rolling was a fresh install and works, but after upgrade and reboot - black screen

No plymouth boot screen either?

there is installed kernel 4.3 ;/

if i started with kernel 4.2 Rolling boots !

what shell i do to kill kernel 4.3?

i remove kernel 4.3 with system settings/kernel

Kernel 4.3 can only be installed manually, you have had to go into system settings/kernel and install it yourself.
Netrunner Rolling (Manjaro) will only update within the same kernel series (4.2.1 -> 4.2.2) never (4.2 -> 4.3).
Yes, boot into 4.2 from within grub, and go back into system settings/kernel and uninstall 4.3.

May I ask, what GPU do you have, and are you using the free (opensource) or the non-free (proprietary) drivers?

ok, after update-grub in kanotix (Debian 8.2 !, no knoppix long time ago)
kernel 4.2.6-1 sucks.

now i will see for the next bug.

is it a problem to learn the installer a menue for uefi/standard?
uefi for default is killing for install in mbr. And a option to install in partition?

Well, if you have an Intel based GPU, then kernel series 3.8 and 4.1 we’re the best performers and the most stable.

I’m also not getting your issue again.
What exactly is the question you have?

Note: UEFI would require your hard drive to use the GPT (Guid Partition Table) not an MSDOS MBR, it would also require the use of a ESP (EFI System Partition).

Reference: https://wiki.manjaro.org/index.php?title=UEFI_-_Install_Guide