[Update] 2016-05-22

Manjaro 16.06rc1 update-pack 1:

Included in this update:
KDE Framework 5.22
Thunderbird 45.1

Current supported kernels:
Linux310 3.10.101
Linux312 3.12.59
Linux314 3.14.70
Linux316 3.16.35
Linux318 3.18.33
Linux41 4.1.24
Linux44 4.4.11
Linux45 4.5.5
Linux46 4.6.0

This update also includes the usual Archlinux upstream fixes as of Sun May 20, 2016.

You can use Discover, Octopi or the command line for this update:

sudo pacman -Syu

Official Manjaro Announcement: https://manjaro.github.io/Update-2016-05-22_(stable)/
Official Manjaro forum thread: https://forum.manjaro.org/t/stable-update-2016-05-22-kernels-pamac-v4-1-rc1-zfs-deepin-thunderbird/1991

Since the forum is light on traffic and no one else has posted in this thread… :cool:

Update went great. No issues. Netrunner is happily rolling along!

Yep usually post update status. And yep went great for me.
No major issues and still a couple of Plasma related bugs ongoing.

Think most are dealing adapting with the new Manjaro forums change-over.

I keep getting this error during the checking files step, aborting the upgrade:

error: failed to commit transaction (conflicting files) breeze-icons: /usr/share/icons/breeze-dark/apps/48/imagewriter.svg exists in filesystem Errors occurred, no packages were upgraded.
Why is this happening? I can’t understand how an icon file can stop the entire upgrade process…it isn’t even one of my custom icons!

That is strange, let’s see what is causing the issue shall we?
Please post the output of the following command:

pacman -Qo /usr/share/icons/breeze-dark/apps/48/imagewriter.svg

This is what I get:

pacman -Qo /usr/share/icons/breeze-dark/apps/48/imagewriter.svg error: No package owns /usr/share/icons/breeze-dark/apps/48/imagewriter.svg
Is this because I’ve put custom icons into breeze-dark? Do I need to keep my custom icon set in a location not affected by system updates? It’s never given me problems before.

Yes, Arch packaging does not allow a package to overwrite files that belong to another package or that the user added.
Files provided by packages that are user customizable are added to the packages backup array so that the package manager can create the appropriate .pacorig, .pacsave, or .pacnew files.

The best thing to do when modifying or adding icon sets yourself is to do so in your own home directory, or under the xdg specified location of /usr/local/share/icons/. You could also just put them under a diferent folder name like breeze-dark-modified.

Ah, I did used to have them under a different file name, so that explains why the problem hasn’t happened before. Thanks.