[Update] 2016-3-10

Due to an upstream change in the sddm.conf file structure, this file needed to be replaced.
As a result, auto login and/or other user changes to sddm will be lost in the process.

Also, Yakuake was ported to KF5 with the latest update-pack, our Netrunner default panel and the /etc/skel directory were updated to reflect this change. These changes only effect newly created users and/or Netrunner panels.

To fix the Yakuake icon widget manually in your existing panel, you will need to remove the old one and add a new one back in.
To add a new Yakuake launcher back into your panel, just right click on Yakuake in your menu and select “Add to Panel”
You can then move it wherever you like it to be in the panel.

To get back the legacy look to Yakuake, all you need do is to go into “Configure Yakuake”, select “Appearance”, choose the “Legacy” skin, and click apply.

Update as usual with Discover, Octopi, or via the command line:

sudo pacman -Syu

Hmmm normally you are right about SDDM losing auto-logon. But this time updated thru Discover of the 3 updates.
Re-booted and auto-login worked just fine. Also logging out presented me with my Login sceen Breeze.
Instead of the default star trek netrunner or other.

So hoping I did indeed get the 3 updates?

And just to clarify that fresh iso install requires manual intervention to install spell-checking in Firefox?
As had to add the English dictionary manually to enable.

Now crossing fingers waiting for 90 sec. Hang at shutdown or re-boot issue that many have.

I’m glad to hear that auto login was not removed on you, this means the backup array worked as expected.
However, since this is an arch based distribution, I would strongly urge you to compare any *.pacnew configuration files with your current configuration files, and merge any changes that may be required in the future.

After install and connecting to the internet, Manjaro Settings Manager should show up in the tray to tell you that language packs are needed. The Language packs for Firefox, Thunderbird, Gimp, and others can be installed all at once using the MSM Language Packages KCM module.

Thanks for the info. As easy in Firefox to add it without any extra steps or cruft.
Just assumed it was one of those default installed with Firefox.

There are way too many languages and possible language combinations to install all the language packs for every application that needs them by default, this is why Manjaro created this tool.