[Update] 2016-8-06

Included in this update:
MSM (Manjaro Settings Manager) is now prepared to detect also the new real-time kernels the Manjaro Kernel Team is currently working in the testing branch.
Octopi - 0.8.2 built against QT 5.7

Current supported kernels:
Linux310 3.10.102
Linux312 3.12.62
Linux314 3.14.74
Linux316 3.16.36
Linux318 3.18.37
Linux319 [EOL]
Linux41 4.1.28
Linux42 [EOL]
Linux44 4.4.16
Linux45 4.5.7 [EOL]
Linux46 4.6.5
Linux47 4.7.0

This update also includes the usual Archlinux upstream fixes as of Monday, August 01, 2016.

You can use Discover, Octopi or the command line for this update:

sudo pacman -Syu

Official Manjaro forum thread:https://forum.manjaro.org/t/stable-update-2016-08-06-kernels-msm-pamac-octopi-tools/6964