Update and repo policy of netrunner

I’m new to netrunner but anything than new to Debian (since 2002), and I like the idea of a well maintained Debian testing distro with a well maintained KDE desktop.

Yet, despite reading around I still don’t get the update- und repo-policy of netrunner. I only find the distinction between the installation system and enabling continuous updates.

In my sources.list, there are five options, and three activated. Leaving skype aside, we have a testing snapshot and netrunner activated, and netrunner-backports and regular debian testing disabled.

So, my questions are:

  1. What exactly is the purpose of the “netrunner-backports” repo, who is working on it?
  2. Is any work - like fixing bugs - done on the “debian snapshot” repo?
  3. Does it make sense to enable “netrunner-backports” without enabling continuous updates?
  4. Is there any way of getting involved in bug fixing?

Would love to learn more about it.

Just like the “continuous update” posts states it is necessary for getting continuous updates in terms netrunner specific packages that are compatible with the debian testing repos. So both are coupled together basically and are necessary for getting continuous updates.

No. This is a frozen in time Debian Testing Snapshot only

No it does not make sense. See answer 1.

You can report Bugs here. We work together with KDE upstream to fix those bugs if they aren’t specific to Netrunner itself.

Hope that explains some things :slight_smile:

Hello, sorry to barge into this thread, but this caught my attention, if the snapshot repo is “frozen in time”, should we disable it if we enable the “continuous updates” ?

You don’t need to disable it.

That’s disappointing - either having a fixed snapshot or the instability of a rolling release. Netrunner seems to be a showroom for KDE only.

Since *buntu has been turned into a Canonical testing ground (upstart, unity, mir, snappy…) Debian stable remains the only option for people who want a reliable desktop environment-oriented GNU/Linux OS. I prefer working with an outdated desktop over a testing snapshot that doesn’t get bugfixes.

If you want debian stable based distro take a look at Neptune.
If you want the best plasma desktop experience on Debian Testing use Netrunner.

First of all, I want a free and openly developed operating system, so I will stick with Debian.

We don’t do any secret development and are as open and free in terms of development as Debian is :slight_smile: