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Update: 'file conflicts found' (imagemagick)

On a recent (a week or so) install of Rolling I receive an error when trying to update. This has happened on two PC’s. I’m just going from memory here because I was using the tray updater and the error seemed to be displayed as an overlay and disappeared when I clicked on Firefox to write this.
The conflict seems to be related to imagemagick (spelling?). It’s unfortunate that it downloads 273 packages and then aborts when it finds the conflict and no error logs are available. Perhaps the updater app could drop a log on the desktop or someplace in the event of an abort as that would help substantially.
Any suggestions on how to grab a log that’s going to be useful to help identify the conflict? Perhaps a redirect or a pipe?

Okay, so I did the following, which I recall was used for a problematic update a few months back.

pacman -Syyuu

This got me to the point where I was asked:
:: Starting full system upgrade…
:: Replace libmagick with extra/imagemagick? [Y/n]

So I said Y and the upgrade seems to be going ahead, though it’s still in the downloading phase but since it has the necessary direction to resolve the conflict I suspect that it will work.

What I’m wondering about is where this came from, because it seems to be related to some cruft on the system. I have two machines and when I formatted the / partition but left the /home partition intact on one of them I had this problem. When I deleted several hidden directories in /home then redid the install I didn’t have the problem. Now I had the same problem on the other, but I didn’t delete the same hidden files in the /home directory. In both cases I formatted the / directory and I only have the root and home partitions for these installs. I don’t think it’s a problem anymore but I’m puzzled how I can have a conflict when the entire root partition has been formatted. (edit: perhaps it’s from selecting additional packages when installing K3b?)
Thanks for the great work. I’ve a question about VLC seeming to crash but I’ll put that in a different thread.

You only needed to use sudo pacman -Syu, there was no reason to rebuild your local database, or downgrade any packages. With that said, the issue was more than likely with discover not resolving the “Replace libmagick with extra/imagemagick ? [Y/n}” prompt properly. This prompt was caused by an upstream change in packaging where as libmagick is no longer a separate package, but has been merged into imagemagic itself.