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Update firefox 64.0[solved]


I’m still using firefox 64.0. But this version is nowadays a little oldfashioned. How can I update this version?




You can install firefox-esr package which is at version 68.7


Thank you. That’s easy.
But with each start of firefox-esr i get the message:

Failed to read the configuration file. Please contact your system administrator.

I have to confirm the message and then everything seems to be fine. But how can i get rid of this message?




This might be due to a incompatible config we ship. You can remove our configuration package for firefox or what I would recommend is checking if you have the newest version installed.
In particular your issue reminds me of this commit I did to our configuration a while ago:
Try to check if that configuration change fixes the issue for you aswell.


Hi and again thank you for your help.
The hint in the link to github has fixed my problem.