Update killed Muon Discover/Update, it's gone

After today’s update, some apps have disappeared. Among them Muon Update and Muon Discover.
How to recover them? They are listed in Synaptic Package Manager as available for install if you accept to make a bunch of changes.
Why did this new update remove them?

Please check first if they are really gone. Can you still access synaptic packagemanager?
If not use the terminal

dpkg --get-packages | grep muon

If they don’t show up try reinstalling them with

sudo apt-get install muon muon-notifier

Like I said in my message that I edited while you were posting your reply, they do show in Synaptic Package Manager.
I wonder why they were removed
And to answer your suggestion

dpkg --get-packages | grep muon


dpkg: error: unknown option --get-packages

I guess the synaptic way is the easiest one, if it works…

Upps wrong command.
I meant

dpkg --get-selections | grep muon

However as you already saw them still installed in synaptic it might be that they were not removed but just their links in the menu disappeared (might be a bug there)

Ok, that command line returns

libmuonprivate2 deinstall

Did you try reinstalling muon already?

No, I am waiting to figure what should be the clean way of doing so

You can just enter the following to just reinstall the updater and discover.

sudo apt-get install --reinstall muon-updater muon-discover
Perhaps you also need the notifier which is called muon-notifier

Hope that helps.

Yes, that reinstall command worked well.

I now wonder what else could be missing as I still notice at least one blanked out line in my recent app menu…