update problem, can't authorize

Having a little trouble with my old faithful today. I was in the middle of an update, had already provided my password, and it said it couldn’t apply changes because of no authorization (or something like that). I clicked to update again, and it didn’t give me the dialog asking for my password, but just said:
This operation cannot continue since proper authorization was not provided
I rebooted and tried again but every time it gives me that message but never gives me the box to enter my password to authorize it.

Seems like policykit or its dbus calls are broken on your system.
Maybe it has todo with the update itself that installed some components of it but was not able to upgrade all.
Please try updating everything via terminal and the command

sudo apt-get upgrade
After that and a relogin please try the update manager again and see if it works (if there are still some updates left)

Duh, where is my brain? That worked, thx.

Ive noticed muon gets hung up when updates require more authorization that just the root password, for example a month or so ago opera got updated and when you run the update commands through the terminal a box would pop up asking if you want to update opera with the rest of the system y or n and muon would get hung on just awaiting authorization forever.