Update problems and a few other things

Hey i seem to be having problems updating starting today (fresh install) is the update server down ? and also is it possible to get the numpad working? i’m on a laptop that has it :huh:

What problem do you have exactly with updating. An error message would help.

For activating num you can press a keycombination I guess. For automatically activate num on every kde start goto systemsettings and search for the keyboard settings.

ok so it’s fixed …now just to find that darn Number keypad thing in keyboard …and yes updated with all updates except one …which if i remember is kscreen i highly doubt i should update that one unless told to and + one more thing …i LOVE :heart: :heart: this system perfect for what i need …let’s just hope it stays stable from now on(i don’t expect it to stay stable tho) (yes i read the other threads about server coming up)