Update w/ Kernel borks LUKS login

Hi All,

I just did a fresh install on an Asus UX305LA. Everything was going great. I installed with an encrypted volume (LVM+LUKS). When I updated, I got a new kernel (3.19.0-33-generic). When I attempt to boot with it, it seems that the graphical password prompt only shows up sometimes. When it does, it accepts no input and I have to reboot. I can boot in ‘safe mode’ with this kernel (Advanced menu), and the password prompt is text based and I’m able to go into recovery, and then a lower resolution login prompt. When I attempt to boot without safe mode with the new kernel, I just get a freeze after ‘Loading initial ramdisk …’.

No issues with 3.19.0-16-generic.

Hi All,

I’ve ‘fixed’ my issue by switching to a 4.2 kernel: https://launchpad.net/~nick-athens30/+archive/ubuntu/trusty4

No problems now.