Update zerstoert Netrunner-System


das letzte Update auf meiner Netrunner Rolling Release Installation in einer VirtulaBox hat das System zerstört.
Beim Hochfahren des Systems bleibt die VM nach
Code: [Auswählen]
Starting Version 229
mit schwarzem Bildschirm hängen.
Mit StrgRechts+F2 komme ich noch auf die Konsole (StrgRechts+F1 ergibt nichts).

Die Xorg.0.log des zerstörten Systems hier: https://nopaste.me/view/8bd1fc07

Es muß beim Update etwas an den Grafik-Konfigurationen verändert worden sein.

Ich habe das System dann neu aufgesetzt von der ISO: netrunner-rolling-2016.01-64bit.iso
Da waren ca. 610 Packages zu aktualisieren.
Die Xorg.0.log des neu installierten Systems hier: https://nopaste.me/view/9e286d9c

Nach der Aktualisierung auch des neu aufgesetzten Systems ging dann nichts mehr mit dem Display Manager sddm.

Außerdem waren Firefox-kde (44.0.2) und Thunderbird-kde (38.6.0) auf englisch.
Was bedeutet …-kde?

Muß ich nun mit der Aktualisierung auf bessere Zeiten warten?

Ch. Hanisch

In the rolling edition (Manjaro Stable) Firefox is currently at 46.01, and Thunderbird is at 45.0.
I’m not at home right now to look into the virtualbox graphics issue, but I will be later tonight.
For now I’d try searching the Manjaro forums about this issue, I think there was some issues reported about VB not too long ago there.

I do have three of questions however.
1: What is the host system (Windows, MacOS, Linux)?
2: If Linux what distribution?
3: Is the host system running the same version of virtualbox and the client driver that is installed in Manjaro?

I mean the guest modules package, ie. linuxXX-virtualbox-guest-modules.

I have running Kernel 4.4.2-1-MANJARO
In my new installed Netrunner System in octopi is linux44-virtualbox-guest-modules with a red Sign (“Veraltetes Paket”). What mean that?

With regards
Ch. Hanisch

That would mean that the package needs to be updated.
Look at the info tab when that package is selected, it should tell you what version is installed and what version is available for update.

I have with

the package updated.
After an Update for all 610 Packages the same situation as above.
I can with StrgRechts+F2 (why not with StrgRechts+F1?) Login me.

I have the Desktop see Attachment.

Perhaps is the X server 1.17.4 the problem!?

with regards
Ch. Hanisch

SDDM starts on tty1, Manjaro doesn’t allow you to start x on more than one tty by default, so startx will not work on tty2.
I didn’t say anything about guest-utils which conflicts with guest-additions.
You need to be running linux44-virtualbox-guest-modules version 5.0.20-2.

sudo pacman -S linux44-virtualbox-guest-modules

Try turning of 3D support in the Netrunner Rolling virtual machine settings.
Make sure you also have Vt enabled for the CPU in the firmware (Bios/UEFI).

I found this Link with exact the same problem for 64 Bit Netrunner in a VM

In the attachment show my situation for missing flag svm

with regards
Ch. Hanisch


The VT-x/AMD-V is always enabled on my System.

The reason for the problem with Netrunner (64Bit) is an error in an last Update.
I hope the Maintainer will repair this Error shortly.

An important message should be in Xorg.0.log

xf86EnableIOPorts: failed to set IOPL for I/O (Operation not permitted)

What mean that?


# journalctl -b

shows, that the problem is with last update of sddm or others come on

I have now deinstalled sddm and installed and konfigured the DM lightdm a la https://wiki.manjaro.org/index.php/Install_Display_Managers
Now booting to Konsole Login, but lightdm is not running. Show attachment_1.
‘startx’ give always the same result. Show attachment_2.

Ch. Hanisch

an unsatesfactory solution for the problem is Deinstalling the linux44-virtualbox-guest-modules.

$ sudo pacman -R linux44-virtualbox-guest-modules

Sure enough running Netrunner without GuestAdditions.

virtualbox-guest-modules are buggy.

with regards
Ch. Hanisch

I think your issue is comming from trying to install guest additions outside of the package manager.
In order to ensure compatible versions of these needed packages you would need to install both the linux44-virtualbox-guest-modules (kernel modules), as well as the virtualbox-guest-iso (GuestAditions) packages installed from the repository to have the same versions installed.

Sorry, I can you not understand.
I have all done with the package manager ‘octopi’ (all the same version 5.0.20).
I have Netrunner in a VirtualBox an I not need ‘virtualbox’, ‘virtualbox-host-modules’ and ‘virtualbox-guest-iso’ - or?

with regards
Ch. Hanisch

I apologize, ‘virtualbox-guest-iso’ is not needed on the guest, it used if Netrunner is the host system.
The same goes for ‘virtualbox-host-modules’ if it is installed in netrunner, remove it.

Here is what you should have:
On the HOST system (Windows) you will need virtualbox.
On the guest system (Netrunner Rolling), you will need to install ‘virtualbox-guest-modules’ and ‘virtualbox-guest-utils’, these two packages will give you what is available from the Guest Additions already setup and configured.

Yes, but with ‘virtualbox-guest-modules’ the system do not run well - why?

‘virtualbox-guest-modules’ are buggy in Netrunner.

with regards
Ch. Hanisch

Because you need also virtualbox-guest-utils.
Also, the kernel module will not work properly unless you have virtualization enabled in the bios (UEFI), have the netrunner virtual machine set to use the correct acceleration method for your CPU and have 2D acceleration enabled for the display (GPU).
You will need to play with the netrunner machines settings untill you have the right combination for your CPU/GPU combo.

Note: Make sure you do not have virtualbox-host-modules installed, this package shouldn’t be, but it’s worth a look.

I have always installed the ‘virtualbox-guest-utils’.
‘virtualbox-host-modules’ are not installed.
Virtualizationis enabled always and use the correct acceleration method for the CPU in all my VM’s.

Netrunner Rolling Release was running with GuestAdditions well before an new Update (in April 2016) for ‘virtualbox-guest-modules’ come into.

Why can you not accept this fact.

with regards
Ch. Hanisch

It’s not a matter of acceptance, I’m just trying to get to the bottom of this.
There is no way of me knowing what packages you have installed, or what settings you have used, etc., this is why I ask.

Do you have virtualbox-guest-dkms installed as well?