Updating from LTS to Netrunner 16

I want to update my LTS -Version and try out the new Netrunner 16.

lsb_release -a No LSB modules are available. Distributor ID: Netrunner Description: Netrunner 14.1 (Frontier) Release: 14.1 Codename: trusty

I found no tutorial for that - as i am unsure if this could cause system problems (compared to a new installation).

It would be great if anyone could point out how this is done best or link me to a solution.


Officially this is not supported by us.
I would recommend staying on the LTS and trying Netrunner 16 on a different partition or pc.

Thanks for your answer.
So i guess the best options are: Test on extra partition, install from blank and wait till new lts (and update from the none to new non-lts-releases).

Good to know.