Updating the Ubuntu base?

Ubuntu just released the 14.04 beta 2 which is to be the next LTS version of Ubuntu. All “flavors” were also released as well. My question is, will Netrunner also follow suit after the formal release on April 17th and be updated to use this LTS base? I have taken a look at Kubuntu 14.04 and saw that the kernel as well as KDE have been updated to the latest “stable” releases.

Keep up the great work and Netrunner has become my only linux distro on dualboot machine!!

There will be an Netrunner version based on the Kubuntu 14.04 base.

Hope we even have upgrade script as well from 13.10 to 14.04 lts so we dont need to reformat and do the stuff and like mint is working next few years like on only lts version rather going on beta can this netrunner developers can do the same that was great idea doent meant to copy though