upgrade day ,,,,,, :)

,so yesterday I was booting dist-upgrading rebooting all 5 of my OS’s on this box,Ubuntu-14.04 , Kubuntu-14.04 , Kubuntu-16.04 , Debian-8-KDE , and netrunner-15 ,of course the netrunner-15 was dead ,EOL on it’s repos ,so I followed the instructions @hear http://www.netrunner.com/upgrade-script-netrunner-15-16/ and took it to 16 (over 1700 packages to upgrade),then this one http://www.netrunner.com/upgrade-script-netrunner-16-17/ to take it to 17 (over 1800 packages to upgrade),and it seams to have worked

nice scripts :wink:


Yeah nice accomplishment :slight_smile:
Great it worked for you.

:slight_smile: it was late when I got finished ,I am using it now to test it out ,so far so good ,screen shot coming ,to be placed in the screen shot section :wink:

it’s installed in a btrfs partition ,so I gess it’s time to re snapshot it :wink:


well ,somthing is broken ,I accidentally got 4 yahoo weather widgets on the screen ,trying to remove one sends plasmashell into fits and makes most of the desktop unresponsive except for yakuake ,so I can kill & restart it ,but the widgets remain .

allso installing “netrunner-desktop” puled in a LOT of missing packages .


Please open up a new thread for your problem in the correct subforum so others who might have that problem can benefit or write their solutions.

:wink: K ,done