Upgrade from 15?

Hey folks, will there be a script to facilitate upgrading from 15 to 16? I can probably figure out how to upgrade the repositories on my own, but I know previous NRL versions recommended waiting for the script rather than trying to upgrade by hand.

There will be an upgrade script. It just will take a few weeks to prepare and test it.

+1 - need one!

Sir, we certainly appreciate you efforts trying to provide us this important piece of code.

Looking forward to test your upgrade script.



hmmm, netrunner is a debian based distro. On debian a dist-upgrade is done with following steps:

  1. Strg+Alt+F1, login as first user
  2. sudo init 3
  3. sudo cp /etc/apt/sources.list.d /etc/apt/sources.list.d.orig
  4. Replace old entries in the *.list files with new entries of actually stable distrie
  5. sudo apt-get update
  6. sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

This works on debian, but I’m not sure if this is the case here.

If you’re not sure please wait for the script :slight_smile:

Kind regards,

Upgrade script now available see: http://www.netrunner.com/upgrade-script-netrunnr-15-16/

Hi leszek,

alles ist gut :slight_smile:
Upgrade script hat tadellos funktioniert und seit dem keine Probleme mehr mit den Systemtönen!
Amarok rockt besser denn je.


Not in my case.

The network did not connect.
(Networkmanager applet hung trying to connect,
/var/log/syslog giving AUDIT lines of APPARMOR profile “/sbin/dhclient”)

As a workaround I added

dhclient eth0

to /etc/rc.local

Maybe the network failed because I deactivated ipv6?


Sorry for the noise, the upgrade was incomplete,
probably due to a package conflict
(in some KDE telepathy package).

I’ll now try
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade -f

So long

OK, after removing the kde-telepathy packages, dist-upgrade was possible.
After that, the system looks OK, but the network error persists.

Removing my ipv6 deactivation did not help.

But “sudo service apparmor teardown” made it possible to connect via Networkmanager.

So long

Edit: I now have found a solution editing the apparmor profile: