Upgrade from 17.06 to 17.10

Hi All,

Just to share my experience with this upgrade so far. First of all, let me say that it works quite well, without any dependency problems. I went from Netrunner 17.06 which was already upgraded to Plasma 5.10.5 to vanilla Netrunner 17.10. Steps I did:

  1. disable all repository sources and add Netrunner 17.10 debian snapshot 20170904
  2. dist-upgrade debian backend to snapshot 20170904
  3. add Netrunner 17.10 repository by renaming the 1706 to 1710 in the Netrunner repos
  4. dist-upgrade to Plasma 5.11.2
  5. downgrade all packages I had from normal Debian Testing (left from upgrading to Plasma 5.10.5) to version in snapshot 20170904 to have everything like intended in 17.10.

Works like a charm.