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upgrade to 17.03 from 17.01 (non-rolling) [unnecessary]

Is there, or will there be an upgrade script for;
Netrunner Desktop 17.01 (Debian non-testing) to 17.03?

This should be not necessary. Just activate the backports repo and update your system normally.

Every Netrunner is based on a snapshot of Debian Testing. There is no non-testing release. It is similar like Manjaro: One can install any version and update from there to any latest packages by enabling backports+testing repo.
The snapshot releases are just a momentarily frozen copy of ongoing testing for stable release purposes.

Well, all repos are enabled, but still my installation of 17.01.2 won’t update to this new one, Plasma is still 5.8.6, none of the changes that are mentioned in the release news is there, so it seems that you guys made it so we need a fresh install instead of being able to upgrade

It can take ~2 weeks to backport all packages, so they will land in backports and be available for all Netrunner 17.xx versions.

[align=left]Sorry for starting 2 threads on a similar topic of updating to Netrunner Desktop 17.03.
By not using backports & testing repos, could Netrunner Desktop 17.xx be a “stable” OS, once the “Debian 9 (Stretch)” stable release, is out?[/align]

Well, you could add the stable repos to make it so.

Almost 20 days later, and still nothing, so please tell me if I have to backup all my stuff, download the new ISO and do a clean install, and waste time making the desktop the way I like it instead of waiting for a theoretical update

Ok, finally the new packages show up on the update list, but I have a question, update says (using Synaptic) that it will remove the package netrunner-desktop…is that right? Won have any problems after?

My synaptic upgrade says nothing about removing the netrunner-desktop package.

I was surprised too but that’s what the upgrade said so after a day waiting I went on and did it, and now kwin has issues I have no window decorations and well, I am doing a backup and going for a clean install

Probably to late now … I had the same issue and the solution was:

  • Changing the repositories to 17.03
  • ‘Activating’ everything

sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get dist-upgrade sudo apt-get install netrunner-desktop

Thank you

And how is a simple user to know they have to change their repositories, when nowhere on the website or forums does it say that? It says that by activating everything will have the updates, not that we need to change repos.

Finally the problem with my configuration of 1701 repositories was that there was no package “qml-module-qtquick-virtualkeyboard” (a dependency for kwin-data to be installed). So adding a repository to the existing 1701 repository could have been another solution. It was ‘my’ solution to switch to 1703 repositories …

Thank you

Can you please explain what do you mean by switching repositories to 17.03? Because I could not find any reference to that procedure anywhere. How do you change it?

1703 has four ‘repository-files’ under “/etc/apt/sources.list.d/”:


deb testing main contrib non-free 


deb testing main non-free contrib 


deb netrunner-backports backports calamares ds9-artwork ds9-common extras frameworks kde-applications netrunner-desktop netrunner plasma plasmazilla qt5 


deb netrunner-1703 backports calamares ds9-artwork ds9-common extras frameworks kde-applications netrunner-desktop netrunner plasma plasmazilla qt5 

I replaced my existing ‘repository-files’ with this four files ‘enabled’ all repositories and started the upgrade process (the code I post here has ‘everything enabled’)

Did you make sure you have the backports repo enabled on 17.01? I checked and it clearly says it has the relevant package.

Ahh I see the issue. The backports repository was introduced only in Netrunner 17.01.2 which is what I was testing against. The Netrunner 17.01.1 repo list does not have this.

For anyone with the same issue, please add the following repository :

deb stretch-backports main