Upgrade to new release

Hi everybody!!

My name is Gianluca and I m from italy!!

I have a question: if I install the version 12.12.1, when one day will come out 13 full version, an update notice will appear and I can run it or I’ll have to reinstall or upgrade your operating system manually?

If I install the 13 RC when the final release come out, can I upgrade to it through a update notification?

And for the UEFI support, can I use the 12 release and when I will upgrade to 13 the uefi support will start automatically without any manual kernel modify?

Thanks in advance !!

Hi Gianluca,

you will have the possibility to update manually, though we will try to make it easy.
For us to develop an update path will take a while to test out, so it’s best to wait for 13.06 if you want “bleeding edge”.