Upgrading from 4.2 to latest Dryland

Greetings all:

Have been using Netrunner for a few months now and I just love this distribution. I have been keeping up with the software updates as they present themselves to me via the notifications. My history in using Linux has mostly been Mandriva / PCLOS. I am used to the rolling release cycle of upgrading. I notice that in Netrunner, and in other distributions, that there tend to be release cycles. So, here is my question:

How do I upgrade to the latest release ? My understanding is that you have to download the latest iso image and then just re-install. How do I keep the applications, desktop settings and everything else I have without having to re-install the applications, settings and files again. Is there documentation available on how to do this or is there an option like ( apt-get dist-upgrade ) that will handle this ?

Thanks for any assistance on this.


Yes, there are a set of commands that can bring you to the latest release base, but there are some small issues needed to be solved before we publicize them. Stay tuned.

are there any commands to do this kind of upgrade to netrunner 12.12.1

We will post a how-to from 4.2 to 12.12.1 shortly.
Another way would be to backup your home directory, do a fresh 12.12.1 install and then copy your old home directory over that again.

Ich will auch upgraden zur neuen Version… wäre also nett wenn es da eine Möglichkeit gäbe…ausser die DVD runterzuladen…zur Zeit läuft Netrunner 4.2.1

I also want to upgrade to the new version … would be nice if there was a way to do that…

Danke Onkel google für die Übersetzung :wink:

Thx google for the translation;)

follwed the directions to do this in a posting by clefebvre.
see that post for my reply.