Upgrading from Other OS if possible?

Why you need to download the whole OS instaed of updating things for eg if a user comming from kubuntu and needs to install netrunner so why he needs to download the whole OS instead a script (bash) which is made that checks and only download the stuffs which is needed and have netrunner running.Much of the OS using the same ubuntu and debain why a person needs to spent time and bandwith for download the whole OS rather then porting to another distro which can be made easy.

You would need a lot of customizing to get the same result, for example change taskmanager, kicker menu, panel layout/widgets, dolphin buttons, a lot of themeing, etc.
All of that can’t be done to an existing installation as we can’t overwrite your user defaults that are set on an installed Kubuntu, see same issue with upgrades between Netrunner versions: http://forums.netrunner-os.com/showthread.php?tid=6589&pid=9548#pid9548
So if you simply want to keep your current kubuntu system and “kinda” look more like a netrunner upgrade, its easier to install homerun-kicker and expanding-taskmanager and adjust to taste.

You can already do this if you add the netrunner repositories. (ppas)
But I would not recommend this and a bash script has a high potential of failure.

Turning Kubuntu into Netrunner with the help of the packages and repositories is possible but only if the kubuntu version is the same as the netrunner repo was build for).
When it comes to Debian it won’t work most of the time as packaging of libraries and plasma desktop is different.

Offcause it wont work with debain the script will check all the things before if can work for upgrade from kubuntu to netrunner like porting you have the sim card and you need to port it to another company without changing the number hope you getting it what i mean to say something that saves bandwith and time as well.This migth be dumb question but anyway well adding ppa wont change the logo as netrunner and the everything naming as netrunner ?

If you want the artwork to be changed you need to install the artwork packages from netrunner ppa.

As for the sim reference I don’t really get what you meant.
If you want to save bandwith you could theoretically download all packages from the ppa for your architecture.
On Debian base you can use apt-get -d packagename to just download the package that can then be found in /var/cache/apt/

I mean like portabality of yorur number with another provide whcih has same protocols and rest.So there is nothing that is as much easy that we are on kubuntu on 13.10 and like to run netrunner without downloading the whole OS when rest kernal everything remain same but we do not have bootloader and etc with name of netrunner allong with all ppa what netrunner uses.