USB joysticks

Hey ppls, i have a bunch of retrolink controllers. a few for each console, nintendo controllers snes controllers etc. They all work plug n play in windows and ubuntu but netrunner rolling does not recogonize them. Is there anyway i can download some generic drivers that will make them work? I also have a few logitech gamepads and those seem to work fine in any system. Netrunner rolling has an snes emulator called snes9xgtk that works amazing(i dont like higan) and thats what i want to use the controllers on. I cant seem to find that package on the ubuntu base.
by the way they are usb contrtollers, they are not actuall nes and snes controllers, if that wasnt obvious:D

In Netrunner Rolling (Manjaro) the system doesn’t setup these up for you by default, even though the xf86-input-joystick and xf86-input-evdev drivers are installed by default, you may need configure some things yourself to get them working.

These sites might be helpful to you in this endeavor: