USB power control by kernel

Seems like something broken with USB power control in linux kernel. For UEFI motherboard. In hibernate linux just switch off power from any usb device. As results doesn’t work wake up from usb keyboard or mouse. Also I have usb wi-fi module. I have to each time reload module because seems like after power loss device chip loose some setups in registers… and became unusable. :s
Any advice about it?

Yeah that seems to be a kernel issue that I also heard of. I did not hear about a solution yet.

Well, and how to resolve this ? It became annoying. For one year use no improvement about that. Seems like no hope.

As I stated before I don’t know about a solution. You could try the latest mainline kernel offered from ubuntu or just reinstall with uefi disabled / bios compatibility mode enabled.

Bios compatibility have no effect to this thing. I’m pretty sure that this option related mostly to boot options.