USB removal freezes task manager panel

For the past week or so removing a USB key, via the “safely remove”, makes the task manager panel inoperative. All key strokes still work. Ctrl/Alt/F2 is needed to get a console to re-start with.
Accessing the SD card on my phone - connecting and disconnecting via the phone’s own dialogue - does not freeze the panel.

This is a minor inconvenience, and I intend installing the next LTS version which I think is due out next month anyway, but I wonder if there is a simple solution.

Did you test various usb keys? Is this reproducable with the eject command on the terminal?
As for smartphone isn’t it using mtp protocol where don’t need mounting or unmounting?

The behaviour won’t now repeat. If it does and I can pin it to specific actions I’ll wake this thread up again. Possibly a side effect of an update since the last time.

This is not reliably reproducible, but I did get a photo of the screen after I got into the console. I had just copied a file onto a USB key, and the “safely remove” had not produced the expected OK to remove message. The task manager panel was dead, so I got into the console. The USB is not shown. Are the other displays informative?
After this I rebooted.
It has done this with more than one USB key, but transferring data on the phone has worked every time, which is not surprising.