VDPAU on a Videoplayer on NetRunner

Hi! I have been studying this issue of video acceleration for video players on Linux for some time - it seems that it it possible - at least with the Nvidia drivers.

My idea for NetRunner would be: is it possible to implement a video player with video card acceleration capabilities when watching HD videos?:huh: Like a solution that would work out of the box in the “installed-on-hdd” mode (not necessarily live), wortking with the NVidia driver.

What do the developers have to say about that?:idea:


Any video player that implements this?
Any packages in Debian/Ubuntu that supports this?

Yes, there seems to be a possibility with SMplayer:

I’m not saying that VLC player is not good - it just doesn’t work with the video acceleration module.

I have found in SMPlayer some VDPAU options in the filters menu and I had read some reports on the Ubuntu forums that the Mplayer - in it’s simple interface mode - works with video acceleration.

The idea is that at this moment I cannot currently play an 1080p HD movie file without stuttering and scene skipping on a normal CPU - I need very powerful CPU that can decode such big data streams faster. In Windows there are the LAV filters that work very well with the Nvidia drivers on a video card that allows offloading the CPU and doing the decoding part: from GTS 2XX to the latest GT 600 cards.

In vlc
libvdpau package needs to be installed
Unfortunately it can be quite unstable (also in smplayer)

thank you Lucas, I’ll try it!:):idea::wink: