Version 12.12.1?

Is version 12.12.1 still being supported and if so, for how long? I believe it to be the most productive release to date. It has everything I need and after upgrading to 13.06, it was only a day before I wiped that crap off my drive!

I surely hope the next release will have all the essential software back, like WINE… so I can run Netflix!

For now, I found a copy of 12.12.1 and will stay on that until something better comes along.

EDIT: I have installed 12.12.1 and found that I cannot upgrade or update this OS. WHY??
this was your BEST!! I want to run this one… where can I get any update/upgrade files?

Need to update flash and Firefox.

The 12.12.1 release currently has a broken repository due to a server failure. Unfortunately we were not able to date to restore this.
There is however a mirror here: which you can try adding to your sources.list and hopefully it will provide you with the necessary updates.