Viber for Netrunner

[color=#000080][i]Viber officially comes to Linux natively. :cool:

Now the official download from your site, but only with support for 64-bit architecture and only offered a package *.deb compatible with Netrunner course and Ubuntu, Mint and Zorin OS (quote on the web, even that assumed that all derivatives of Debian can use it without problems). :smiley:

Immediately I downloaded and installed it on my proud Netrunner 13.12 RC2 and Iโ€™m already making and receiving calls, messages and video calls FREE! :stuck_out_tongue:

If you are using 32 bits will have to wait no doubt, as it so happened that support it is given. :s

I leave the download Viber on 64bits *.deb[/i][/color] :wink:

Looks like a great app!
It will be tested on current Netrunner and possibly shipped default with next release.

Interesting but just like whatsapp and other it uses a broken down jabber/xmpp protocol without any security features and automatically collects contact data and stores them somewhere on their servers (really does anyone know where they are stored). The badest thing about it is that it is not even asking for the users permission to do this. It just collects everything that it can get. (breaking every privacy rule in europe)
The company itself also kinda looks like a nsa outpost or honeypot as there is absolutely nothing you find on them.
I would love to have a plattform independent messenging solution but I highly doubt that its worth throwing your privacy away.

[color=#000080]Thanks for the information. About Whatsapp knew recently but did not know that the same happened with Viber โ€ฆ follow while using Skype.[/color]

If you guys are going to replace Skype with anything or add any new VOIP client please make sure it is privacy oriented. Skype is already NSA compromromised. Why add another one thatโ€™s just like Skype. Bring us something unique to the picture. Donโ€™t bloat Netrunner.

eventually telepathy itself makes for a good replacement in the future.