Video detects only open event on laptop

When I close my laptop screen system actually do nothing “no swith” to external monitor. But then I open it I have a lag what I suppose mean that it actually detect that event and trying activate both screens. Is this a bug? Any solutions?

Tested it here and it is working for me.
The question is do you start the laptop from standby or cold boot it and then close the lid or do you close the lid during the boot?
I know that when I plugged in my second monitor and the lid was closed it started as extended second screen. So it did not detect the main laptop screen being closed but rather loaded the last known configuration I had with a dual monitor setup.
If you like only to use one display maybe saving that configuration with the main laptop screen turned off in the settings will work for you.

As for the screen appearing after opening the lid. Are you sure you did deactivate standby for closing the lid in the settings. Note: You can set that setting differently for battery and power cord plugged in.
I would recommend it to set to turn the display off. That made it work for me detecting the correct states of the display and switching automatically to extended desktop when I open the lid again.

Also note: I used the intel driver on my intel hd4000. It may depend on graphicscard and driver aswell.

I sleep from RAM sleep mostly. But how it related? I really react on open lid. in that case. I know if I just disable it manually and I will have only one external screen and doesn’t matter open/close lid. But this is not convenient. And this is definitely wrong reaction. I’m not so bother that second screen active with closed lid, but I think in that case will be quite logica make “primary screen” external one. But this is not happen… and as result I can’t see my just started programs because they on the closed screen. Other hand I wan’t keep laptop screen as primary then lid open. And if system really keep screen not need re init it on open lid, this is cause only lag and nothing more. I use intel+ nvidia.

It works for me as you describe it. Maybe it’s really the driver. Did you install bumblebee or are you using the Intel driver?

And you have to set your primary display to turn off for it auto configuring the correct thing.

Yes I use bumblebee.