View New Posts and View Today's Posts

I really quarrel with the forum’s “View New Posts” and “View Today’s Posts”. Alas both don’t show if the posts are in the Manjaro or in the Kubuntu section. That really messes it up. I am only interested in the Kubuntu version and therefore would like to skip posts concerning the rolling release. But it is impossible to see if it’s for rolling unless you open the post.

Is it possible to add the sections? Instead of just “Software, Applications” -> “Netrunner Rolling: Software, Applications”? So that one can see in the list at one glance which are posts for which version? Or use different icons for the two sections? Something to distinguish the posts in the lists?

That would make it really a lot easier to decide which post is of interest. Manjaro and Kubuntu are too different to mix that…

Looks like there has been a forum change recently and the Forum Name now shows up in the search results (including new posts and today’s posts).
I like it; it does make it easier to decide which posts are of interest.


Thanks to the one who changed that! Now the lists for search and the new/today’s posts are really helpful :).