Virtual Desktop

[color=#000080]I have a question; Why if I have 2, 3 or 4 virtual desktops by default on login I always start with 2, 3 or 4, not by 1?
In Kubuntu and Mint-KDE does not happen, always login with the number 1.
I have this problem since I started using Netrunner from version 12
I solved when I installed on HOME Frontier I had Kubuntu.

I believe this is where the virtual desktop was parked on the live system when the file the installer uses was made, I maybe wrong though.

This very issue seems strange to me also. Depending on how many virtual workspaces created, login always starts on the very last one…I have never seen this behavior on any other kde system/distro ever before, nor a kde option for this, either…

What do you have selected under System Settings > Startup and Shutdown > Session Management > On Login?

Restore previous session
Restore manually saved session
Start with an empty session

Butting in, it doesn’t matter where that setting is, AjSlye, the system always opens on the last virtual desktop. It’s one of the two (minor) irritations I put up with to use the best KDE distro I’ve found. (the other being that the screensavers don’t seem to want to quit after they quit) I’ve installed Netrunner 14 perhaps ten times, and it always works this way, it’s very consistent.

Every Linux distro I’ve tried (and I’ve tried most) has its own particular quirks. This one does exactly what I want it to do, with the fewest idiosyncrasies, so it’s my choice. Everyone has their own set of criteria, their own reasons for not wanting to use Microsoft any longer, and their own threshold of pain. Yes, it always opens (for me) on the last virtual desktop, but that’s not one of the things I care about. If it gets fixed someday, along with the screensaver, that’s fine, but in the meantime everything else I want to do works for me, and the support here is great.

Maybe a broken config. Try a new user to see if it works there. If it is then it’s definitely the config.