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virtualbox shared folders

I’m trying to set up shared folder running a Netrunner guest on a Win10 host. I can’t get the shared folder to show up anywhere in the filesystem. I have enabled the shared folder in the settings and added my user to vboxsf on the guest. So what am I missing?

First, make sure your not still running the 4.10 kernel series, this has reached EOL and has been removed from the repository, I recommend switching to the 4.14 LTS kernel. You can use the MSM kernel manager in system-settings to do this from, just install 4.14, reboot, and then remove 4.10 whenever you feel comfortable enough to do so.

You need to two things installed inside the guest OS (NRR/Manjaro):
1: {linux-kernel series}-virtualbox-guest-modules (should already be installed via calamares, and/or MSM kernel)
2: virtualbox-guest-utils

Just verified everything up to date; specified software is installed. If it’s mounting that shared folder, I sure don’t see it anywhere.

If I remember correctly there is a trick to sharing folders. I’ve always just used drag and drop between host, and guest file managers. I also haven’t run windows or used virtual box in years, I prefer AQEMU. I will need to research this a bit more for you.

Update: As I thought, just as gust additions are not set up automatically, shared folders are not set up automatically to be mounted in the guestOS either, you’ll need to do these things manually: