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Virtualbox updates

As new versions of virtualbox becomes available on the website does a Netrunner Arch user have to wait until the new version of virtualbox appears in the AUR in order to update to the newesst version of virtualbox?

Thank you.

Rolling is based on Manjaro, not arch. Unlike arch, Manjaro builds and support multiple kernels. They build and distribute the virtualbox drivers with their kernels. As such, please don’t use the AUR for this, you could potentially hose your system.

Thank you for your reply.

Further do I have to wait for synaptic to update to the latest virtualbox edition or will pacman -Syyu work or something else?

Synaptic is a Debian tool. Manjaro shipped with octopi. You can either wait for discover to update, or use pacman, it’s the same thing.

PS. You only need to use pacman -Syu. The only reason to use two y’s, is if your local database needs to be rebuilt for some reason. Otherwise, pacman will compare the remote db, with your local db, and update accordingly.