Visual Issues

As seen in the attached screenshot, I’m experiencing issues with transparency on the bottom panel and widgets, plus issues with the window borders.

My system has Plasma 5.6.5, Frameworks 5.23.0, Qt 5.6.1, and Kernel 4.6.2-1. I also have a Nvidia GTX 860M with driver 364.19.

Thank you for any help.

The compositor is either not running or the driver doesn’t support the OpenGL features required for that effect

I’ve been running Netrunner Rolling for several months without this issue, so the driver should support the effect. If the compositer is not running, then how would I go about fixing that problem?

Thanks for the quick reply.

I’m not sure what could have caused the issue other than the settings have been changed, a driver update, or a kernel update.
I would first check your compositor settings under system settings and make sure it is still enabled, and using the correct openGL mode for your drivers / GPU.

Plasma, frameworks and QT haven’t been updated in a while now as the Manjaro team are still trying to find a solution to QT 5.7 breaking theme support with GTK applications.

Check the session type before you login, earlier mine was set to failsafe somehow.

Current supported kernels:
Linux310 3.10.102
Linux312 3.12.62
Linux314 3.14.73
Linux316 3.16.36
Linux318 3.18.37
Linux319 [EOL]
Linux41 4.1.28
Linux42 [EOL]
Linux44 4.4.15
Linux45 4.5.7 [EOL]
Linux46 4.6.4
Linux47 4.7.0

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