VLC refuses to play media on NAS share

Hi everyone this is my first post on the forum.

I really like Netrunner OS but I have an issue after installing 14.1 x86 as a virtual machine within Hyper-V.

I cannot access some media files on a shared folder. The folder is hosted on a share by my local Open Media vault NAS VM. they are on the same subnet - and both can access the internet.

I have two shares on Open Media Vault NAS share. One with permissions. One with no permissions. I can’t play any media/mp4 files inside the shared folder that has permissions set. I can play media in the other share with no permissions ok.

But I can play media files on the two shares regardless of what OS i am using, either server 2008R2, Win7, Win8,Win10, Elementary, Ubuntu 14.

On Netrunner & Kubuntu these mp4 files refuse to play. All other OS’s are ok.

this is the error in VLC.

'Your input can’t be opened. VLC is unable to open the MRL:
‘smb://filesharelocation/filesharedfolder/mediafile.mp4.’ Check the log for details

I just have never seen VLC fail to play a file on a share before! And I am new to Linux! :blush:

I don’t believe the share is the issue if all other OS’s can play the media within the share.

It’s an VLC issue. Honestly I am surprised it did work on smb without permissions. I never got VLC to play anything from smb:// or sftp://.
So either copy over the file or use an alternative player that supports Kio for example dragon player.

Hi Leszek

Thank you for the reply.

Dragon Player just works. That’s all I was after.

And I’ve just googled Kio - thanks for the heads up with that too!