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Volume Display Modification


Nothing critical here, just a suggestion.
When adjusting the volume a large square appears in the center of the screen to indicate what’s happening. Do you suppose that this could be changed, or at least an option added, so that a small horizontal bar would appear above the volume icon in the tray. Perhaps a little speaker icon on the left side of the bar to indicate what it’s displaying and then the same sort of sliding scale that appears in the existing implementation.
I’m only asking because when watching a video any time that I adjust the volume I can’t see what’s in the center of the screen, which is generally where the most important things are being shown. Perhaps my suggestion isn’t the best and there’s a better way to do this, but the idea of something smaller and less obtrusive is the main point. I already know I’m adjusting the volume; having a small indicator of how the machine is responding is all that I need to see.
Anyway, this isn’t meant as a criticism, because I really like Netrunner. I’ve been using it for a couple of years now I think and haven’t had the urge to look for something else. I’d like to see some richer themes of course, more along the lines of the Oxygen 4.x in KDE 4, but that’s just my personal dislike of all the flatness that’s become so trendy over the last few years. I suspect that Silicon Valley likes the flatness because it reflects their world view: everything thinking the same approved thoughts and having the same approved opinions. But then that’s just my opinion…

Thanks for the excellent OS!