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Wake-On-LAN ("WoL") Support Doesn't Work Out-Of-The-Box

Greetings! Appreciate you reading this.

I tested the NetRunner Rolling install on two boxes from manufacturer “ZOTAC” neither ending with “WoL” working in the end. I’m used to “WoL” and checked the regular drill at “BIOS” level and could tell for certain that hardware wise, that should work.

The Manjaro base seems to shutdown the “NIC” completely (no blinking LEDs). I checked some Manjaro “WoL” googling to no avail, so perhaps, NetRunner is doing something different here.

Any input is much, much appreciated. Best,

We don’t do anything different than Manjaro other than use one of their newer kernels on the ISO.
If it works on Manjaro it should work on Netrunner Rolling as well.
You could try downgrading your installed kernel to the 4.9 LTS that Manjaro ships with.
Other than that, I would have no idea how WOL even works, as I’ve never ever used such a thing.

Please see my earlier post about our shipped kernel hitting EOL upstream.

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