Wallpaper Desktop Cube

there was a very usefull feature in kde4 that to able to assign
a different wallpaper to each virtual desktop. This has been dropped in
Plasma 5 which makes no sense since it really made a difference
and was a usefull feature :frowning:
Could there be any retreats or workarounds ?

From the technical standpoint it was an ugly hack around the implementation of activities in KDE SC 4.x.
As activities was redone in Plasma 5 this isn’t available anymore.
But there is hope that activities and how they should be used is going to change in the future and some ideas go into that direction of replacing workspaces with activities.

But for now you need to live without the feature at least in Plasma 5

thanks a lot for the very clear explanation, what about the further idea that maybe one could also hack in temporarilly this feature creating own activity “script” till the time this feature comes eventually provided (?)

You can have different activities in plasma 5 and switch between them with ctrl+tab.
Hacking in that feature today is not possible I think because the activities infrastructure is completely different

Vielen Dank nochmal, in worst case warte ich bis zu der Implementierung des Desktops als Activity.

sorry I wrote in german.
thanks again, in worst case i’m gonna wait for the implementation of desktop as an activity.

Sorry by default the hotkey is set to superkey+tab not ctrl+tab