Wallpaper folder setting problem

In wallpaper settings, under slideshow, I choose a folder but the setting does not stick. It keeps reverting back to using the system wallpapers. Under add folder, the path keeps disappearing. So I tried to throw all my downloaded wallpapers into the folder that holds the system wallpapers but it will not allow it. The folder is locked. I can’t delete or move from there and I can’t add files to it. Only the owner can change permissions. How do I fix the wallpaper slideshow issue? OR get ownership access to the the wallpapers folder?
Netrunner 14 64 bit

Put the wallpaper on the “Pictures” folder in the Home; and that is the route you should take as soon as you ask to add folder in desktop customization.

To place the images in the folder “/usr/share/wallpapers” must become root.

In one place the terminal command:

$ kdesudo dolphin

Dolphin will open as root and from there you can place them, be careful what you play because you can ruin the system.

I did put them in Pictures. I made a folder called wallpapers inside the pictures folder. I don’t want to just throw them in mixed with other pictures. I have folders in pictures - family, events,craigslist, wallpapers, etc. Did this in previous Netrunner with no problem. Putting them in root - usr/share/wallpapers- is possible but you can’t save directly to that folder. Haing to command line open the folder and transfer them is not a convenient way to do it and like you said maybe not safe. So the question remains - why is wallpaper prefences not saving the folder i specify?

[color=#000080]If you put images of what happens I can guide you, I’ve never had those problems with Netrunner, animated backgrounds and even now are in another NTFS partition use, and use as a user not as root.[/color]

are there any live wallpapers pre-loaded? can’t figure that out either

There aren’t any Live Wallpapers preinstalled.