Wallpaper for V

Ok so the image is fairly big so you need to see it and download it on Dropbox… sry


Oh and one more, this one needs some more work


Dimma with edited colors per Apacheloggers instructions :wink:

Aaaaaand one more using the same idea


one more, djup

One more, gotta check with a friend who made the dark swirls in the background if its ok if we use it but I think its cool.


Heh started fiddling with a theme for the Koi one and thinking of editing the SDDM theme to something that fits visually into it.


The issue here is to create a set of panels with different colors depending on size and placement. Also need to figure out why I can’t get the hoover image to turn bright red.
When that is done I thought “Maybe I should do a Qtcurve theme to go with it?”. Wouldn’t that be cool? If a set of the wallpapers have their own themes entirely?

Another one… kinda different with a triangle shape instead


The latest is especially awesome, (the others are too :slight_smile:
How about one where the triangle is being completely open and some otherworldly stuff shimmering behind or leaking into the main scenery?

I agree with Clemens. Latest wallpaper “skog” kicks a** and I like “dimma” too.

Here is a v2 wallpaper with some stuff added - https://db.tt/azXqveqL
I don’t know if we are still going with hacker/runner/cyberpunk theme, but this v2 wallpaper really has that feel, so I couldn’t resist to play with it a bit.

Awesome v2 Remix, the laser beam like V is absolutely great!

Haha that is brilliant :smiley: I love it that we have so different styles meaning that it tend to go in different directions…

Ok so this is one that DOESN’T have the V or triangle in it but I started playing around with glitching and did one, and then I did this easy font/logo idea. Just as a nice saturday thing to do while drinking coffee


I like that it’s a woman, kinda like Samus from Metroid :slight_smile:

I tend to favor the latest barbarella as main one to go along with the previous starman.
Then as a nod to using plasma5 all over, lets get all kinds of additional ones there, but remove any directly “V” like the letter in there… example would be to have haris remix with the laser but without the “V”… the traingle in woods also is a great one to ship.
For other examples that can be much more varied then, we can go with even subtler ideas like having a general “5” of things, like:

Awesome looking wallpaper! And Barbarella is a plus too :smiley: Reminds me of this - http://youtu.be/P99qJGrPNLs
Here is a blue version of “v2 remix” (included netrunner logo and triangle in the middle) - https://db.tt/5CN3ZPN4
@Jens, could you share v2 wallpaper without letter V in the middle?

How about you do something different inside that blue laser since the outside is already different?
Maybe do even a red laser, that reminds of aliens…?
I would also in all other wallpapers than the default not do any text not feature any “v” nor Netrunner logo…

Alright, here is a bit different version. Removed middle area (machinery stuff) and added barely visible circuit board, with “lasers” on top. No version number or letter, no netrunner logo. With all that contrast it looks like a rogue software/system is taking control over a normal one (blue) .

And here is another one - https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/49860914/Netrunner/Concepts/Prometheus-wp-v3c.png

Maybe green was better from a useability as wallpaper standpoint?
Achtung: Just throwing my 2 cents here in the wallpaper thread. :slight_smile:
I am not sure what exactly makes a great wallpaper, but I feel it needs to have some depth and the right lightning/shading, so that icons or widgets placed on the desktop somehow work with and not against the background.
From that point it also needs to somehow be a little more subtle, yet not boring, so you dont get distracted or annoyed too fast (which is likely after spending less than a minute with most wallpapers out there, which are nice pictures of scenery or interesting concepts by themselves, but 99% fail as a really good and longlasting wallpaper).
My current favorite example is the one from maui sddm background, which somehow works, is a bit too dark mood, but nevertheless looks good with any theme:

Sure, we can make it simple. I’ll work on a few concepts.
All v2 versions are ideas for alternative wallpapers, so we can include them (or not) in the Prometheus release.

Here are clean wallpapers:
v1 - https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/49860914/Netrunner/Concepts/Blue-v1.png
v2 - https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/49860914/Netrunner/Concepts/Blue-v2.png