Wallpaper suggestion

So this is a suggestion for an abstract reusable theme for Netrunner rolling - essentially stick to Round shapes, Inward Spirals and The Logo.

So as long as you have a circle and the logo, or inward spiral and circle, or just the logo you can shade things and play with colors and that way we have a solid unified and abstract theme that will be easily recognizable by all.

As an example I made a wallpaper including all these but with me playing around with it a bit - essentially just using images representing Community, Technology, Art and Exploration in the four “arms” and then going for some solid shading and stars… :slight_smile:

Anyway its huge 3200(something)x2300(something) so if you wanna download it click on this dropbox link ( https://www.dropbox.com/s/pm8ykqp1oql4qy9/mission.png ) and not the smaller thumbnail below

(edited because I found a small annoying thing in the image and had to fix it, sry - drove me nuts)

I like the idea, just can we make sure we always use the exact same arrow as in the logo?
So the idea for Standard was to make the shape of the launcher squared with arrow inside:

while Rolling has round circle or broken circles:

I suggest to always use this arrow also with the black or big border, as its the signature.

We could also think of making a new menu logo for Rolling replacing the one from 2014.04.

Looks really nice.

Here is the original Netrunner logo, with few updates - the original .ai version had some “artifacts” so I just removed them. Beau Sans Pro is the default “netrunner” font, just in case you need it later.


i like the wallpaper, any idea to make it overall lighter (like you did with the initial starman)?

Ok as you guys know I’ve had a bit of a rough week and I’m playing catch up while at my brothers place (with notoriously spotty internet connection)… I started working on new wallpapers (will include some lighter ones later today or tomorrow and ones using the logo - I just thought it might be bad to overwork the logo)

Sry for dropbox link but due to internetconnection and time out issues it was the best way to upload it.

I went for the same “plane showing something else” and kind of going for the space/horizon theme too


One more in the same style

Wallpaper example (idea based on a concept provided by Ohyran), work in progress, I might change that floating monolith to something else.


Looks nice, just Jens and Haris notice this forum/thread is all about ROLLING, not Prometheus… :slight_smile:

Some more ideas for Rolling logo/rolling menu icon:

Yeah, my mistake. Great ideas for menu icon.

Well, I like the Rolling wallpaper from last time still as main wallpaper and the Rolling circle from Jens as login, just throwing odeas if we can refine/imrpove/lift something unique for rolling as wallpaper/logo/plymouth animation/etc.

Ok I have three things - started out by doing a non-text center piece by going via the netrunner logo and doing a halftransparent version of it using shading to make it look folded and cut into whatever background we choose. Then I made two backgrounds and placed it on it so you guys can see it.

Sadly the PNG’s are massive and the logo is an .xcf so download them from the dropbox link (the linking in the forum and inserting wont work well I think)

Just a quick idea for a launcher icon based on Clemens suggestions (its an SVG)